Alex Henker

Artist: Alex Henker
Projects: Alex Henker
Born: 1988
Start: 2008
Location: Kiev [Ukraine]
Style: Hardcore, Mainstream
Status: Art Of Core Artist

Alex Henker | Alexey Bezruchenkov
From the early childhood I preferred hard sound and rapid rhythm: listened to punk-rock, rock'n'roll and even learned to play the electro-guitar. That experience, without any doubt, formed all my further musical tastes – my first steps in electronic music began from techno and especially hard techno. But all my life had suddenly changed when I heard hardcore for the first time in 2005 and realized that this kind of music was perfect for me. For several years I was a simple "listener", but later I began to produce music by myself and decided to become a Dj. And I'm sure that hardcore is not just the music, it is also a lifestyle!