Evil Of Pain


Artist: Evil Of Pain
Projects: Evil Of Pain
Born: 1988
Start: 2005
Location: Russia
Style: Hardcore, Mainstream, Industrial, Speedcore
Status: Art Of Core artist

Evil Of Pain | Victor Ryabov
Hardcore producer from Russia. I’m Producing the music since 1997 year. But only in 2005 I have seriously started to making Hardcore music. Since 2005 till today I continue to work on industrial style of Hardcore music!

Great attention I give to a hardcore music which I begin to listen from 6 years. I’m involved most of all with hardcore sound. During free time from work I composing, I invent, etc. I’ve got a lot of animals and I love all of them too much :). I’m very sociable person. I’m reading books in a genre "alternative" "philosophy" "fantasy". Books and music are my main hobbies. I Like Hardcore and I’m really proud of It!